Onondaga Towing Services

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Don’t let a day at Onondaga Lake be ruined with a stalled car.

No matter where you are in Onondaga, Epolito’s Towing will be there to get your vehicle to a safe destination. We will tow your truck, SUV, car, etc. to a place of your choice. Whether it’s a  repair shop, family member’s house, or your home, our towing techs will get it there. We are just as competitive as any other Onondaga towing company.

Suppose you’re on the road and you have a flat tire. We provide roadside assistance to help too. We can replace your tire for you if so you won’t need a tow. Just change it for you, and you can be on your way.

Maybe you need your battery charged. Our crew does that as well. All is required is the model and make of your vehicle. We can get that battery jumped and got you out of your location instead of being stranded.

Perhaps your grocery shopping with the little ones. You come out of your vehicle and when you go to start it nothing happens. Your battery has died. Knowing that we provide roadside assistance is just a phone call away. We will be out and jump-start your battery to get you back on the road.

Everyone and one time or another has pushed the limits of their fuel gauge at one time or another. With that being said, we sometimes misjudge the line and end up out of fuel. One of the services in our roadside assistance is to deliver to you enough gas so that you can get to a gas station to fill up your tank.

Onondaga Recovery

Also, we provide recovery service too. Perhaps you swerved to miss a dog. You could have been trying to steer clear of an accident yourself but overcompensated your reaction, and now you’re in a ditch. Maybe the ice is on the road, and you slid over an embankment. Rest assured we have the right equipment to winch you out of your circumstances. Roadside assistance or towing, we do it all.