There are many signs that your car may be having problems. One day it seems to be working just fine, and the next, it starts showing signs of distress. Several symptoms could mean problems other than the transmission, but we’ll show you five definite signs of transmission problems.


5 Signs of Transmission Trouble

When it comes to your transmission, make sure that you are paying attention to the warning signs it’s telling you. If you ignore the signs that are telling you your transmission needs help, it could mean thousands of dollars in repairs. If your dashboard “check engine light” turns on, that could mean a lot of different things, but a call your mechanic to have them check it out is in order. Other than your dashboard telling you there’s a problem, there are five distinct signs that your transmission needs someone to take a look at it. 


Weird Whining and Clunking Noises

If your vehicle starts to make strange clunky noises, it’s time for a check-up. If you hear a buzz or hum coming from the transmission, take it to your mechanic immediately. If you let the problem continue, you’ll likely need to tow your car to the mechanic instead of limping into the service queue.Epolitos Towing Five Signs of Transmission Problems

If your car is in neutral, and you hear noises coming from the transmission, there may be a problem. Your mechanic can likely fix the problem by replacing the transmission fluid, but make sure you get an appointment to have it looked at as soon as possible. For DIY instructions on how to change your transmission fluid, click here. 


Your Car Stops Responding to Acceleration of the Gas Pedal

Your transmission is what allows you to change gears, so if you are having any issues doing so, that is one of the signs of transmission trouble. There will also be situations where the car will go in one direction, but not another. If you can go forward, but you can’t switch to reverse, it is likely the transmission. If this occurs, call Epilitos Towing to take your car where it needs to go. 


Leaking Fluid

If you notice your car is leaking fluid, you’ll need to try to pinpoint where the leak is coming from. This will help you determine what part of your vehicle needs help. Place large pieces of cardboard under your car when it’s parked. Check each piece to pinpoint where the leak is coming from. 


Burning Smell

A burning smell coming from your car is never a good thing. It could indicate an overheating transmission, but there are other reasons for a burning smell, so try not to panic. Just make sure you make an appointment at your local mechanic to have it checked out. 


Grinding Gears

Grinding gears can feel and sound different depending on whether you have a manual or an automatic transmission. For a manual transmission, you’ll hear or feel the gears grinding. This may mean that you only need to replace the clutch, or it could be that your synchronizers are damaged. 

For an automatic transmission, a difficult shift could mean more than just transmission trouble. It’s always best to call your mechanic and set up an appointment. 


There’s Something Wrong with My Transmission, Now What?

You’ve determined that there may be a problem with your transmission. If the car is showing early signs of transmission trouble, get it to your mechanic as soon as possible to avoid further damage. If the car doesn’t drive, give us a call at Epilitos Towing. We’re available 24/7 and can help you get your car to where it needs to go.